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As I position a new blog quickly. Second part.

Well, in this second part I will continue analyzing the aspects that have to do with make money online based on these three factors that make a difference in the positioning of content to Googleand the generation of web traffic , which is what we ultimately want to achieve.

Getting revenue with a new blog if you still haven't positioning on Google? 

Think that in this case and if we have never before had a blog need to concentrate to generate content and Backlinks to start to draw the attention of Googleincluding our website in directories of articles, links directory, making Exchange with blogs like ours thematically and begin to generate at least a number of new articles of relevance.A new blog that wants to position itself should work theBasic SEO of a constant and growing way mode that can win indexing in Google quickly, in less than a month.
When your blog reaches a number of Backlinks of at least 50 inbound links and you have more than 30 original articles written in your blog then the first link towards an immediate indexing this completed.
In course of time will need to generate consistently more articles, more Backlinks and improving the quality of links that point to your blog theme, also make sure to send your url and sitemap to Google (the sitemap is the map of your web site that tells Google how much content there is on your blog, send it only once that help to your blog to improve the indexing in the search)so you can send from Google Webmaster Tool ).

So remember, if you want to position your blog quickly:
• Submit your sitemap to Google
• Get incoming links to your blog
• Consistently generates original content

The Indexing come if you do that to start, Google to recognize you is not complicated, but then comes the stage of competition, i.e. win more space from other websites that offer the same information as your offer.  

In the past two years Google has prioritized more than never content and relevance which gives its users search and I think that if there were a picture describing the changes of recent years would be a panda's drinking coffee... (for connoisseurs =), however since before changes in the indexing algorithm always has said that content is King in terms of positioning withoptimization techniquesbecause based on what we offer to our readers is one of the ways in which Google measures our relevance to give us the fifth, the first or the last place among the results of each search that someone makes from your screen.

There are at least three aspects that you should know about positioning content in Google are unwavering in time and that all we do marketing know that dominate their point of systematization is extremely lucrative:

• Originality
• Density
• Periodicity 

These three aspects should be combined, which magic formula in each article that you think, so that with the passage of days and with the passage of each article you are writing for your blog you can go adding them as points for your Indexing in Google.

Marketers and writers that better position their sites in Google know firsthand that these three major factors are insoluble elements in anything that will do or explain in their blogs. If a blog does not have this not going to be successful or going to position ever, that the spammers, affiliate sites, sites, spam and sites copies are never going to be indexed for a long time. In some of my personal experiments have found that Google may index spam but will never give you more than six months positioning because Googlebot (the indexer of the megabuscador robot) always this debugging and filtering content that does not provide real quality to the users, so obviously I gave up continue creating sites of affiliates to the spammer style a long time ago and I concentrate to generate content for Google real value since and for people like you looking for revenue or learn more about specific marketing issues.

In regards the density of information I recommend that if you have a website or a segmented blog you choose a group of no more than five keywords to be able to work at least monthly on your site so thatGoogle recognizes that you are working hard with that topic and give you better position than to the sites of your competitors.

The keywords or keywords you choose to position your blog is essential, so my personal advice is if you write a blog of cooking for example have always at hand a group of words that your have previously identified as very sought after and use them recurrently in each article or description you post in your blog (even in the pictures or videos).

The third factor such time the more complicated at this time where none of us wants to waste at the pc or that we simply do not have to give our blog is the factor time and the way in which we will publish the content, i.e. the frequency of postings.

How to earn money online you will have to make some sacrifices... and probably one of the first sacrifices that you make will be the increase your time to generate positioning strategies (such as updating the blog) or more advanced strategies to earn more money and reduce your time of leisure, for example. Although personally I think that if you administer your time with discipline and very well set your way to generate content (even paying others to do it for you, if applicable) can make great strides in terms of SEO and sales profits of whatever.

Periodicity regarding the publication of contents is elementary, the ideal is to publish a post per day but if you don't have the time you can publish a post per week.If you're not able to work a blog theme at least weekly of SEO is not for you. There you have theoption of paying others to do it for you or you focus on payment web traffic to promote your product if you sell something.I am not supporter of starting a web project if we do not have time to manage it personally because in terms of SEO optimization is achieved while on the details and saving the user bumps in other blogs that do not have what we can offer you.I'm obviously talking about monetization and think that you're reading this post just because you want to learn or improve the way in which you earn money and do not want to spend on things that you can do your own, although clear cost is measured in time instead of money when we don't want to invest.

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